Monday, January 2, 2017

Firebase: Connect custom domain for Firebase Hosting

I was getting the message "Unexpected TXT records found. Continuing to watch for changes." as Firebase tries to verify my domain ownership.

Depends on your domain registrar, you may need to set the TXT records with host "@" instead of the actual host name as provided in the instruction. It solved the issue with my registrar (namecheap).

firebase - Adding custom hosting domain: "Unexpected TXT records found. Continuing to watch for changes." - Stack Overflow

Sunday, January 1, 2017

CSS3: Make div 100% height of browser window

The viewport-percentage lengths are relative to the size of the initial containing block. When the height or width of the initial containing block is changed, they are scaled accordingly.

These units are vh (viewport height), vw (viewport width), vmin (viewport minimum length) and vmax (viewport maximum length).

div {

html - Make div 100% height of browser window - Stack Overflow

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Outlook: There are more items in this folder on the server

I noticed some of my older emails (more than 1 year old) do not show up by default. I need click on the link at the bottom in order to see them.

It turns out to be related to the Mail to keep offline setting.

I just changed mine to "All".

Only a subset of your Exchange mailbox items are synchronized in Outlook 2016 or 2013

Monday, December 26, 2016

TouchPad: Scroll icon stuck on screen

Recently I'm using a HP Elitebook 820 G3, running Windows 7. It has a TouchPad with a scrolling feature. Unfortunately, from time to time, the scroll icon would get stuck on screen. Even worse, you may end up with not just one, but multiple scroll icons stuck on screen.

Thanks to MrJGR who shared a way to disable the scroll icon all together.
1. Open regedit
2. Navigate to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPEnh
3. Right-click and create a new DWORD (32-bit) Value, with name "UseScrollCursor"
4. Reboot the computer

TouchPad Scroll Icon Stuck on Screen after Windows 10 Upgrade - Microsoft Community

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Navien tankless water heater: Error code 38

My Navien tankless water heater (model 240A) stopped working all the sudden. After opening the cover, I found code 38E displayed on the control board. However, this error code was not found in the operation manual.

According to Navien's FAQs:
"I have no error codes on my remote, yet my unit will not produce hot water. What should I do?

The issue is most likely the flow sensor inside the unit is not spinning properly.

We recommend opening and closing the pressure relief valve (should be located near the outlet of the unit). Depending on amount of debris affecting the flow sensor, this may help temporary. We recommend contacted your original installer or an NSS to service the sensor."

I also found this 38 error code listed here mentions checking the water flow sensor. Based on various forum discussions, it seems to be the root cause for others who experienced the same error as well.

Luckily, it is not too difficult to take it apart and check the water flow sensor. Thanks to youtuber Tredsaw12 who created this step-by-step guide, I was able to extract the water flow sensor. If this is your first time working with the water heater, I would suggest you first check this video by Skobel Homes to get a better understanding of it.

After taking out the sensor, try shaking it. You should hear some noise as there's a small gear inside. If not, it's probably stuck which caused the failure. Check if there's any blockage inside and clean it. Try running water through it. Also try blowing air through it with your mouth. You should feel the gear inside is spinning.

And then, you just need to reverse the process and put it back together. Hopefully your water heater will start working again. If not, you may need to replace the water flow sensor and/or call a professional for further inspection. Good luck!

Navien Tankless Error Codes
FAQ | Navien
SIMPLE - Navien tankless FLOW SENSOR replacement -- 10 minute job - YouTube
How to maintain your tankless hot water heater - YouTube

Sunday, November 27, 2016

PS3: 機動戦士ガンダム EXTREME VS. スキル一覧

スキル名 取得場所 効果
制限時間増加 候補生:コンスコン強襲 制限時間が30秒増加する。
敵ロックオン集中 一般兵:宇宙を駆ける 敵が自機をロックオンしやすくなる。
敵ロックオン回避 ニュータイプ:5thルナ攻防戦 敵が僚機をロックオンしやすくなる。
ゲージ非表示 ニュータイプ:VS.ガンダム!(1) ゲージを全て非表示にする。
敵ガード確率減少 ニュータイプ:衝撃の黒歴史 敵がガードしにくくなる。
機体コスト-500 候補生:インダストリアル強襲 自機と僚機の機体コストを500下げる。
味方間ダメージ軽減Lv.MAX 一般兵:本気モードで行くぜ!
ステップキャンセル消費量Lv,MAX 一般兵:人間だけを殺す機械
ブーストキャンセル消費量Lv.MAX 候補生:アーガマ強襲
底力で攻撃力アップ ニュータイプ:死闘!マスターガンダム! 耐久力が100以下になると攻撃力が1.5倍にアップする。
ビーム防御 一般兵:マスターアジア、暁に死す ビーム系射撃攻撃のダメージを1/3に軽減する。
実弾防御 指揮官:破壊の三重奏 実弾系射撃攻撃のダメージを1/3に軽減する。
耐久力強化Lv.MAX 候補生:2人だけのシャッフル同盟
耐久力回復Lv.MAX 一般兵:連邦軍兵士の意地
獲得MP増加Lv.MAX 一般兵:木馬と白い悪魔
戦力補充 候補生:鮮烈!シュラク隊
攻撃特化 ニュータイプ:ソロモンの悪夢 戦闘中に与えるダメージが1.5倍になるが被ダメージは2倍に増加する。
防御特化 一般兵:激突戦域 戦闘中の被ダメージが半分になるが与えるダメージも半分になる。
EXバースト+ 指揮官:赤い彗星 EXゲージがFULLではない状態でEXバーストしても、FULLの時と同様の効果を与える。
開始時EXゲージFULL 一般兵:デビルガンダム軍団 戦闘開始時からEXゲージがFULL状態になる。
EXゲージ性能強化 候補生:ポケットの中の戦争
指揮力 候補生:ユニコーンの日

機動戦士ガンダム EXTREME VS.(エクストリーム バーサス)攻略:スキル一覧
【攻略】PS3 機動戰士鋼彈 極限VS 技能取得關卡、功能一覽表... @鋼彈 哈啦板 - 巴哈姆特

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Eclipse: Updating eclipse.ini on Mac OS X

After updating to the latest version of JDK, Eclipse no longer open because it was still looking for the old JDK version. In order to fix that, I need to tell Eclipse about the new JDK version, where this setting is stored in eclipse.ini.

1. Right-click on the Eclipse executable > Show Package Contents
2. Navigate into Contents/Eclipse
3. Open eclipse.ini
4. Update the line where it is referencing the JDK version, e.g.

eclipse.ini - Eclipsepedia