Tuesday, January 29, 2008

WordPerfect: No Error String for This Error

In WordPerfect, when you try to use the spell checker feature, it gives you the following error message:
No error string for this error.

The User Word List is corrupted.

1. Close WordPerfect
2. Browse to My Document\Corel User Files\
Note: If you can't find the Corel User Files folder, goto the Folder Option and select Show hidden files and folders

3. Delete or rename the .UWL files

For WordPerfect 12, delete or rename WT12US.UWL
For WordPerfect 11, delete or rename WT11US.UWL

4. Re-open WordPerfect and a new User Word List file will be re-generated

Ref: Error Message Detail

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JaneS said...

If the same problem is being experienced with WordPerfect x7 - would this also work with my version of WordPerfect?