Friday, March 20, 2009

YouTube: Video Stops Playing in Full Screen Mode

When I watch embedded Flash video in full screen mode, the video stop/freeze after about 30 seconds, but the audio will keep playing fine. If I press Esc to exit full screen mode, the video will resume normally.

(updated 2010-02-28, thanks to Anonymous's reply)
1. First, visit Adobe Website and make sure you have the latest Adobe Flash plug-in installed.

2. If you are still having issue with the latest Flash plug-in, try disabling hardware acceleration in Flash's preferences.

3. Try temporary disabling your anti-virus software and see if the problem persist. My friend had this issue due to some misconfiguration in Kaspersky 2010. It was fixed by temporary disabling Kaspersky and then reinstall Flash.

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Anonymous said...

"The animations appear to no longer freeze with the latest beta release. You can try it here:"

In earlier versions a way to stop the freezes is to turn hardware acceleration off in Flash preferences.

This User Has No Known Aliases said...

Thank you i just needed to disable hw acceleration