Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Win7 x64: Intermittent Internet Connection

Describing this problem is a little bit tricky. It has the following characteristic:
* Windows 7 64 bit OS
* Network status stay connected. However, it won't load any Web page, regardless of what browser you use.
* Fails to ping google.com
* If you have other computers or devices on the same network, their Internet connection is working fine.
* It automatically fix itself after couple minutes
* Event viewer shows there are multiple DNS client warnings:
Event ID 1014, DNS Client Events
Name resolution for the name www.______.com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded.

Disable or use a newer implementation of task offload (if available from your network card's manufacture)
1. Update your network card's driver
2. Goto Device Manager, view the advanced properties of your network card's driver
3. Look for the word "offload". For my driver, there is a newer version of task offload called "Large Send Offload v2". So I enabled v2 and disabled the old one.

Your driver may have a different name for it. If there is only one version, then go ahead and disable it. If there is no such option at all, then you can completely disable task offload with the following command in an elevated command prompt:
netsh int ip set global taskoffload=disabled
4. Restart your computer

That's is. Monitor event viewer for the next couple days. If you are still getting the DNS warning after changing the driver's properties, then try the disable taskoffload command. If that still did not help, then click on the reference link below for a more comprehensive solution.

Windows 7 x64 Network Adapter Stops working on high load

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