Sunday, April 21, 2013

Android: EditText in ListView lose focus when the soft keyboard appears

Using (numeric) EditText in ListView

1. tab on a EditText field
2. numeric keyboard show up
3. EditText lose focus
4. numeric keyboard switch to back to a regular keyboard

Use ScrollView + LinearLayout instead of ListView...

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Matt said...

See the answer to a similar question here:

You need to set the DescendantFocusability property of your ListView to "afterDescendants".

You can do this in the XML like this:


or in code like this:

listView.DescendantFocusability = DescendantFocusability.AfterDescendants;

You also need to set listView.ItemsCanFocus = true;

Also, you need to specify what is happening to the main window of your activity when the soft keyboard is shown. This is done by changing the WindowSoftInputMode attribute. You probably want to set it to AdjustPan so that your listview is not resized and thus GetView isn't called again. This is probably what is happening now when you hide the keyboard, GetView is called again and reset the original value in the EditText.

You can do this using the attribute WindowSoftInputMode = SoftInput.AdjustPan on your main activity class.