Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Drakengard 3: Route D tips and tricks

Yesterday I finally beat Drakengard 3. It was bad enough where I had to search online for help. Here is some tips & tricks I found which helped me unlock & finish Route D.

Unlock Route D:
You need to collect all weapons in order to unlock Route D. Meaning you need to collect tons of gold to buy all weapons from the shop, hunt down a bunch of treasure chests, and complete a handful of Accord's missions.

Tips on gold farming:
Use Spear - demise's warning bell (from chest in Route C part 4)
Equip Sword - dark blood blade (37800G from shop), it helps building up the blood gauge faster.

Do the 2nd Accord mission of the Desert 3 times, then do the payday mission. Depends on your performance, repeat this cycle 3 times should get you enough gold to buy all the weapons from the shop.

Treasure chests and Accord's missions:
After purchasing all weapons, I was stuck at 98% completion! Thanks to this walkthrough by DraikTempest, you can refer to the weapon locations and mission list to see which one you are missing.

Final Boss:
The final boss seems impossible to beat, especially the part where the screen went completely dark. Luckily, final boss timing guide come to rescue! I would strongly recommend you to download the video and play it offline to avoid any network latency or video lag.
【DOD3】音ゲー譜面のようなもの - YouTube
Dragon-on Dragoon / Drakengard 3 Route D Last Boss Timing Guide - YouTube

If you're feeling lazy, just watch the walkthrough on YouTube ;)

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