Friday, March 29, 2019

UE4: Reduce CPU usage of Unreal Engine Editor

Recently I started to play around with Unreal Engine. One thing I noticed was that when I have my game project open, the Unreal Engine Editor is consistently taking 20%-30% CPU power.

One simple solution is to turn off realtime rendering.
1. In the viewport, click on the triangle in upper left corner
2. Uncheck Realtime

Another solution is to limit viewport frame rate.
1. In Unreal Engine Editor, press ` key to bring up the command line prompt
2. Type t.MaxFPS 30 will limit it to 30 FPS. You can tweak this number based on your setup

Type dumpconsolecommands to view the list of available console commands has a nice article on other tips and tricks to help maximize battery life for UE4 development on laptop.

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