Friday, October 12, 2007

WordPerfect: PrintServer Error

When you try to print a WordPerfect document, it gives you the following error message:

The document page is set to a paper size that is not supported by this printer driver.
Do you want to match to the closest printer defined paper size?

Restore the PrintEngine by editing the registry.

1. Close WordPerfect
2. Start -> Run
3. Type in regedit, and press ENTER
4. Goto


5. Right-click on PrintEngine folder and Rename it to something else, e.g. PrintEngineOld
6. Goto


Note: Goto 11 or 10 if you are using that version

7. Right-click on Envelope folder and Rename it to something else, e.g. EnvelopeOld
8. Start WordPerfect and try again

Printing from WordPerfect?generates a 'document page size' message

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