Monday, April 22, 2019

UE4: How to use the new AudioCapture component to record microphone audio

There are two functions for recording audio:
* Start Recording Output
* Start Recording Submix Output

1. Follow this quick start guide to activate the new audio engine, e.g. uncomment AudioDeviceModuleName=AudioMixerXAudio2 in WindowsEditor.ini if you're developing on Windows

2. In your blueprint, add the AudioCapture component

3. Use "Start Recording Output" to record the master output of the game. Otherwise, use "Start Recording Submix Output" to capture a particular sound source (see note #2 below).

4. If you don't specify an output path, it saves the .wav file in Saved\BouncedWavFiles

* UE4 will crash if no audio input device is connected. Probably should use the "Enumerate Audio Capture Devices" function to check for available devices before recording.

* Setting up a Submix Destination on your Sound Source

Unless otherwise set or specified, all Sound Sources output to the Master Submix (not visible on graph) by default. However, it will sometimes be desirable to have your sound source output into a different Submix.
  1. Access the details panel for your sound source
  2. Locate the Effects submenu
  3. Locate the entry called Sound Submix
    1. If this says “None,” then the sound defaults output to the Master Submix
    2. Here you can enter an alternate Submix
    3. Note the separate Default Master Reverb Send amount if you wish to simply send the source to the Master Reverb

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MaxSMoke777 said...

I don't suppose you've tried this on an Android device? I attempted this on the Oculus Quest, which is an Android device, and used an Enumerator to prevent a crash, but according to the Quest, there are no audio devices.

MaxSMoke777 said...
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Unknown said...

same experience as @MaxSMoke777, used an Enumerator and according to the Quest, there are no audio devices.